Update to Your Free Cyber Grapes Domain Privacy Protection

We have an update to your free Cyber Grapes Basic Domain Privacy Protection!

In order to help keep your information private, we are updating the free privacy that comes with your domain registrations and ownership. Before this change, when you searched for and purchased a domain, you received basic privacy for free. This free privacy redacted your information from our WHOIS. This meant that other WHOIS directories could have your personal registrant information showing. Starting now, all new purchases of domains, when applicable, we will replace your personal details with anonymized information in the public WHOIS registry. Due to some registry restrictions, some domains are not eligible for this privacy protection.  

As well as new purchases getting this enhanced level of free privacy, we will be replacing current customers personal information in WHOIS directories with the anonymized information over the next few weeks.

Happy Private Domain Ownership!

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