Livestream on Facebook? This is for you!

WP Livestream 1.9.4 was released over the weekend and this one is all about Facebook, which is still the #1 platform used by the WP Livestream community. NEW easy connection to Facebook That’s right, no more manually setting up a Facebook app. ????????
We have created a universal Facebook app that you can easily and quickly connect to.
The Facebook App setup and maintenance has been the primary point of difficulty for most of our Facebook users, so this should greatly help to speed up the setup process.

How to connect to Facebook

1. Click the “Connect to Facebook” button in the WP Livestream plugin Facebook settings.

2. Click the blue “Continue” button in the Facebook dialog

3. Select the Facebook Page from which you’d like to embed live streams automatically.
4. Click the blue “Next” button.
5. Click the blue “Done” button.

Click the blue “OK” button. That’s it! 

Note: The old way of connecting your own app is still accessible in the “Advanced” Facebook settings tab. ?Other Updates Bugfix: Fixed the find Facebook Page ID functionality. Bugfix: Fixed the Facebook Autoplay feature causing some embeds to break. Code: Updated the Facebook Graph API to v13.0. 2.

Not yet using WP Livestream? Check it out at and contact our service team about obtaining a fully licensed version of the plugin through Cyber Grapes.