Dear Cyber Grapes Partners,

I’m really excited to announce our company’s investment into webtalk.

What is webtalk?

Webtalk is a a new social media platform that, at the time of writing this post, is still in beta. After carefully considering it over the last few weeks, I believe that this platform has the legs to potentially become the next big social media platform.

Why webtalk?

Webtalk has a few features that are exceptional:

  • There’s a SocialCRM that enables you to manage your personal and professional relationships seamlessly (imagine Facebook and LinkedIn merged together).
  • There’s a 5-in-1 newsfeed that helps you streamline your communication across social media. Currently, you can share the same post you share on webtalk can also automatically post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Slack. This works a lot like the social sharing that you all pay me to code into your websites.
  • You have an opportunity to monetize your content and share revenue through their affiliate program (video attached at the top of this post). There’s also a live Zoom meeting every night at 8:00 PM EST that gives you an overview of this program:, Meeting ID: 750385225, Password: 2020.

What webtalk lacks…

At the time of this post, webtalk lacks some key features that will prevent you and me from using it as our sole source for social media:

  • Mobile Apps. Ugh, webtalk lacks mobile apps Remember, I did say it was in beta. So, the platform’s member base is growing even without the mobile apps, but… the mobile apps are scheduled for July and I’m betting the platform will grow 10x faster once they’re launched.
  • Members… webtalk lacks members. There are 4.4M people using webtalk. That’s a big number, but it pails in comparison with the 2.6 billion Facebook had in the first quarter of 2020, but it also gives us an excellent idea of the growth potential.
  • Pages for Businesses. Until pages for businesses are available, we’ll never be able to completely ditch Facebook Pages and perhaps we won’t want to.


If this sounds interesting, follow me on webtalk!

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Chris Engler

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