Your Hosting or Ours, Your Protected

Your WordPress Website is in excellent hands with us. We stay on top of updates and security while providing daily backups of each site to ensure your window to the world stays wide open for business.

Our team becomes your team!

Our tools become your tools!


  • One WordPress site management
  • Manual update’s of sites core, theme and plugins
  • Defender Pro Configuration including malware scanning, blocklist monitoring, human verification with Google reCAPTCHA, Firewall with login protection – 404 detection, IP banning, location banning, and user agent banning
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Daily Backups
  • Admin access to Pro Plugins like Forminator Pro (online forms), Hummingbird Pro (performance), Smush Pro (image optimization), SmartCrawl Pro (search engine optimization)

What you can add:

  • Domain Nameserver management at no additional cost
  • Dedicated, fast hosting
    • Starting at $12/month depending on memory, vCPU, and storage needs.
    • Migrate an existing WordPress website at no additional cost.
  • WordPress Website Development for $95/hour.