Buying on Amazon?

Hi Everyone! We just received our approval into the Amazon Associates Program that provides us an earnings on qualifying purchases. We think this is another win-win for us and our customers because our customers need to buy and the bounties we earn will help us keep down the costs of our services. Click on the Amazon graphic to get started. Enjoy!

Looking to buy something on

We’re proud to announce our approval into the Walmart Affiliate Program, which means we’ll earn a small commission on qualified purchases. This should be a win-win for our customers that need to buy tech hardware such as a new router or computer. However, everyone can use this link to buy pretty much anything. You can even buy online and choose “Free pickup today” at your local store. Just click the Walmart logo to get started.

Extreme network makeover in Peru, IL

Last week Jessica, Elijah, and I had the opportunity to travel west to Eagle Rock Christian Center in Peru, IL to deliver Blanket Sets collected through Mighty Oak Ministries and to attend the Convergency Fire weekend with several ministries coming together seeking worship, unity, and strategy. While we were there, I noticed their WiFi network was plagued with latency, dead zones, etc. I made the need known and those in attendance collected some funds to Read more…

Technology comes to Whiteclay, NE!

Hi Everyone, Check out this quick video by Lisa Nelson showing a bit of the computer lab we were able to setup in Whiteclay, NE. 95% of the computer lab was donations from partners like you. If you donated, thank you so much! If you didn’t donate, please consider doing so in the future. There are people that could desperately use our help. Ps. Please don’t mind my appearance in the video. I didn’t take Read more…