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Block Pornography

Hi Everyone, Today, our nonprofit ministry, Mighty Oak Ministries (MOM) in conjunction with our Google Ad Grant, launched an aggressive online campaign to help the world block pornography. You can read more at these two locations: https://moministries.org/block-pornography-for-free-across-all-your-internet-capable-devices-routers-computers-smartphones-etc/ https://moministries.org/block-porn/ Enjoy! We Read more…

New Unsplash WordPress Plugin

Hi there Grape Bunch! If you use Unsplash for photos, you’ll love this new WordPress plugin. I’m testing it myself starting this week. https://wptavern.com/unsplash-launches-official-plugin-for-wordpress?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=unsplash-launches-official-plugin-for-wordpress

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WordPress Tip #22: The Customizer

Learn how to customize your site and see your changes before they go live through this short video outlining WordPress’s “Customizer” feature. Enjoy! Looking for more? Try our Facebook community “The Grape Bunch”. It’s free!