Your Business or Nonprofit in Your Client’s Pocket

Apps are no longer for large corporations with unlimited budgets. Our team can create an app that is iOS and Android compatible and distributed through Google Play and the Apple App Store for the simplest of businesses and/or nonprofits.

Have the accessibility and exposure you need to take your vision to the next level. Your app would raise your business/nonprofit up a notch and excel you above any competition without their own Android and/or Apple application.

How? Our tools take your current website and shrink it down to app size. It will function just like an application because it IS an application. We cracked the code which is why it is so affordable for you!

Sites currently on a WordPress platform can be converted into an Android and iOS app and sites on any other platform can be converted into Android only. Don’t worry! If you want your non-WordPress site on Apple too we can do that! Our team has the knowledge and tools to move your current site to the WordPress platform so you can have both.

Why do you need to be on WordPress? Your site must be able to work with the high tech tools we use to create your app. We didn’t make the rules but we must work with them.

Benefits of WordPress:

  • runs about 1/3 of the web
  • extremely powerful
  • tons of plugins
  • highly configurable
  • attractive themes
  • eCommerce
  • easy to transfer

Welcome to the CyberGrapes Family!

We don’t just hand you the app and disappear. We stay, as long as you want us; continuing to make sure your app is updated, configured, functioning well and you are one happy customer with lots of very happy clients.