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Block Pornography

Hi Everyone, Today, our nonprofit ministry, Mighty Oak Ministries (MOM) in conjunction with our Google Ad Grant, launched an aggressive online campaign to help the world block pornography. You can read more at these two locations: https://moministries.org/block-pornography-for-free-across-all-your-internet-capable-devices-routers-computers-smartphones-etc/ https://moministries.org/block-porn/ Enjoy! We hope it helps the world!

Welcome Luke!

Luke Engler, Web Developer Please join us in welcoming Luke Engler as our latest member of our Cyber Grapes team! Luke is an avid cat lover, gamer, and has begun his journey of developing world-class websites using WordPress and WooCommerce. We’re certain Luke is going to do great things for Read more…

Calling All Entrepreneurs!

These are surreal times that we are facing. And for many this has meant a loss of a job, a career, a comfortable financial future. And for some it means what was once their side work has now become their only work. Cyber Grapes is here to help! We are Read more…

Free Month of Hosting

Transfer your existing website by the end of February and receive one month of hosting free!! Yup! You read that right! Your March website hosting could be free if you join the Cyber Grapes Family in the next few day! Contact us below asap! Connect to the Vine!

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