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About Cyber Grapes

About Cyber Grapes

Cyber Grapes is a Christian/family/veteran-run branch of Mighty Oak Ministry, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), designed to help people give tithes and offerings through text messages and online forms and also provides similar digital services such as domain names, website hosting, and digital marketing.

Because Cyber Grapes is a branch of Mighty Oak Ministries, 100% of our profits are used to fund MOM’s missionary efforts that primarily focus on 3 areas:

  1. Sharing the Bible Verse of the Day, Random Bible Verses, and Free Bible Downloads online in 17 languages and 34 versions through our website moministries.org. In 2021, the English Bible alone was downloaded over 33,000 times across 196 countries such as the USA, Philippines, India, South Africa, and Nigeria.
  2. Connecting individuals with their local Church through our website cybergrape.tempurl.host and our Google Ad Grant. This is a new effort for 2022. We are looking for 100 Churches across the USA that are willing to sponsor MOM for $100/m. In return, each Church Sponsor will receive a sponsor page on our website along with $100 per month of our monthly Google Ad Grant professionally managed by us in a way that gives individuals searching for a Church all the information that they need to connect with one of our Church Sponsors in their area.
  3. Organizing and executing short-term mission trips to serve the homeless, poor, and underserved communities across the USA. We do all sorts of good things for missions trips like finding homeless people in unexpected places and bringing them food, supplies, and smartphones (to connect with their loves ones that may not even know they are alive), volunteering at random food banks, and running relief missions to Native American Reservations in North and South Dakota. Our focus when doing these things is never to force conversions to Christ or even to fix a person’s homelessness. Our focus is to share the love of Christ through random acts of kindness to people that can easily be reached by their local communities, but are typically overlooked anyway. The results of doing these things are usually quite spectacular.

Visit moministries.org for more information on Mighty Oak Ministries.

Cyber Grapes Services (Cyber Grapes) is a trusted, nonprofit, full-service technology partner that focusses on providing two broad services:

  1. Nonprofit Memberships: We help people donate their financial tithes and offerings to their favorite Churches, Ministries, and Nonprofits through our easy-to-use text-to-give phone numbers and online donation forms.
  2. For-Profit Memberships: We help Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Small Businesses get started with Ecommerce through our easy-to-use text-to-pay and online storefront services.

Sign up now and our team will immediately get to work setting up your membership. Have questions? Call or text us at 610-628-1282 or email us at service@cybergrapes.com.

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